Swedish origin our company of started its production activities many years ago with European refractory formulations and recipes and Swedish standard production methods. The main activity is the production of monolithic refractory materials; casting, casting and plastic refractory mortars for induction furnace acid lining, neutral (spinel) lining, induction furnace refractor, transfer, transport and reaction pots used in iron, steel and nonferrous metal industries. In the sectors of energy, petrochemical, glass, ceramics, cement, lime, industrial furnaces and waste incineration technologies. Our solution-oriented company seeks excellence by providing refractory material selection, design and engineering services at the point of application together with our technical engineer team in order to obtain the optimum quality according to the demands and desires of our customers. Our company, which draws attention with its honest studies at domestic and foreign markets, always develops its products as innovative and competitive to reach its targets. We continue to work for better quality products and services by taking the support of our valued customers behind you.
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